Saturday, April 12, 2014


April is quite the dream.
It saves me from March, so valiantly, every year.

This is what I have been doing lately:

teaching Rosalita how to put flowers in her hair
reading Nabokov on our big white bed while she sleeps next to me in a yellow dress
collecting flowers that only bloom once a year
cooking exactly three eggs for us to share every morning (scrambled, with cheese)
painting everything turquoise

Rosalita is so sweet.  She walks and talks and holds the telephone like a teenager.  Lots of days it's like having a best friend and lots of days it's really hard.  And lonely.  Very lonely.

 ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


  1. April looks magical. and i love the picture of her sleeping - she i so perfect.

  2. I LOVE these photos.
    And your blog is overall filled with those :)

    And you are one gorgeous girl yourself <3

  3. Beautiful photos :) some days can be hard and lonely - meeting up with a friend (if you can) or escaping the house for a bit always seems to help. Rosalita is such an adorable little girl!

  4. My days -here and there- are very lonely too. My sweet boy is such amazing company, but some days are just hard. I LOVE the headbands you've been making. Can I send flower crowns to you and Rosalita?

    1. you're so sweet! we would LOVE that! i can't get enough flower crowns for the both of us :) i can send you a few of my simple little headbands, too, if you'd like <3

    2. I can just imagine how lovely you will both be in them!! Just let me know where I can send them!

  5. I feel you on the lonely. And what makes it worse, for me, is I feel I have no right to be lonely, or sad, or overwhelmed. Because I have this perfect little being with me; that I wanted so bad. Its all so new still. Thank you for your stunning photos, they help. :) I've never seen laundry so beautiful. And thank you for your sweet headbands! We love them so much and have been wearing them daily.

  6. I love you two. You're definitely not alone when you feel alone. But I know it's really hard. I often feel lonely too. I wish I could hang out with you. In the meantime I will continue following you here and on IG. You and Rosalita are beautiful.

  7. By the way, I'm caiolicri on IG ;)