Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Beginning of Toddlerhood

Toddlerhood is here and I quickly find that I have no idea what I'm doing.
Just when I feel like I am catching my breath, a wave even rougher than the last crashes down on me and I am pushed underwater further than I had ever been before.  Rosalita is perfect and beautiful and smart-- terrifyingly so-- I want to tell her to slow down (stop growing!).  I still think of her as a tiny baby and I admit it's hard every time I realize that she isn't.

She learns new words everyday and she knows things that I didn't even teach her.  I am constantly being surprised by what she shows me.  She does so much by herself and yet still needs so much help from me, even when she doesn't want my help.   Around other people she is shy, shy, shy-- just like her mama.  

In the mornings, we watch Minnie's Bowtique together while we eat bananas and oatmeal.  I love her. 


  1. you are a beautiful mother and everything she experiences, she is experiencing through and because of your love. i noticed the pianos and imagine a lot of music in your beautiful, mystical home. you are not alone, but more importantly, you are hers, for eternity. and her curiosity is from your own veins. xo

  2. She is so beautiful! And I know the feeling of time flying by way to fast - I just can't believe how fast they grow, learn, how fast their understanding of the world grows. .

    You pictures are, as always - quite wonderful.

    Kind regards from Norway,- Tiril.

  3. Toddler-hood is crazy and tough but filled with so much love. And it really does go by so fast, too. Rosalita is beautiful much like these photos!