Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Got New Chickens

 I love this time of year at our house.
The sky is still grey but the earth is so green.
Today, we got five beautiful tetra tint pullets that look like baby doves.
They will start laying pretty cream colored eggs in a few months.

Here is Saturday night's sangria recipe:
2 bottles Red Mountain Laurel 
1 bag frozen strawberries
1/4 of a handle of strawberry vodka
1 bottle pomegranate juice

Mix together until the frozen strawberries chill the liquid.  Do many congratulatory high fives.  Dance around the room until your hair catches on fire.  Run around in the rain when it becomes dark.  Be sure to have a full glass in your hands at all times.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rosalita Is Seven Months Today

you are my dream love material

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sling Diaries, Vol. III: Inspiration

March was a cage.

April is a blessing.

Walking upon the brand new grass is like the lifting of gravity.  I tell Rosalita how soft it feels.  I whisper to her.  The newness of this budding green world makes me feel as though I should be still and silent.  Unfamiliar sounds seem to make the expansive grove blush and curl up into itself.

 Rosalita, my own tigerlily, is worn close to my face.  Our cheeks brush and a fiery spark of happiness dances in my throat.  I am imagining what it is like to see spring for the first time.  Brilliant, shining, marquee lights and the fluttering thrill that leads up to a cinema premiere comes to mind.

I want her to take it all in.  What else can she touch?  I place her tiny hand on the fresh, crisp linens hanging on the clothesline, the wiry feathers of a silkie rooster, the waxy, fragrant leaves of the huge magnolia tree.  Together, we watch the elegance unfold in a ruby red lily and take in the endlessly inspiring bouquet of a lilac tree for the first time in her life.

Spring jumps out in front of me, cradles my face in her hands, and I hope she will not let go.

I am wearing a Pure Linen Sling in Organic Maple, c/o Sakura Bloom

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Sunset Tonight Was So Beautiful

This time of year is especially magical in a Carlos Rossi sangria/boxed Franzia "Chillable Red" kind of way. 
That's all I wanted to say.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fruit & Flowers

The sun is out, this whole earth is shining, here are the colors of the flowers:

Oh!  and yellow (daffodils)

My baby has pink cheeks.  Last year, when Abuelita was alive, she told me the baby will be born with rosy cheeks because I only wanted to eat apples.  I was wearing a yellow dress the color of bananas when she told me.  We were in her kitchen and I was sitting in the broken chair.  Somewhere in the background, the news was on.

I was eating an apple.