Thursday, March 28, 2013


My birthday came and went.  Rosalita grows.  Her hands move.  Her eyelids flutter.  
Sometimes, when she is in that place between sleep and awake, her eyes open to teeny tiny slits, and if you look directly at her and smile, she will smile back in her sleep.  
I want to remember that.
As much as I may want to, it's hard to curl up into sadness when you have your own lighthouse--
your very own beacon of shining, golden light--  
a little girl that smiles at you in her sleep.

The jagged rocks on the shore can wait. 
(and they will wait)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Out At Sea

“Look at that sea, girls--all silver and shadow and vision of things not seen. We couldn't enjoy its loveliness any more if we had millions of dollars and ropes of diamonds.”
― L.M. Montgomery

These photos are from a cruise Ben and I went on a few years ago after our honeymoon in St Lucia.  The most vivid feelings I can recall are walking up to the nose of the ship late at night when the sky and sea met in darkness, and wrestling the desire to jump with every fiber of my being.
I don't know why I'm posting these photos now.  They've been sitting on my desktop for a long time and I'd like to get rid of them.  I have lots of pictures from this month but I can't seem to make a coherent post out of them.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

As The Sun Rises

The rooster starting crowing at 5:52 this morning.
The sky was still dark.