Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sling Diaries, Vol. III: Joy

It is June and Rosalita is starting forest fires in my heart.  
Any shining, red-cheeked joy in my life points directly at her.  We spend darkened afternoons quietly watching the thunderstorms from the wide front door.  We press our noses to the glass and watch the rain.  I draw two hearts in the condensation on the glass pane (one for her, one for me).  I think of sticky sweet Farmville summers, collecting magnolias in the morning and hiding from thunderstorms in the afternoon.  At the height of each storm, Abuelita would pull us tightly to her sides as we hid under the large master bed, the wide planked wooden floors creaking softly (like singing whales) just beneath us. 
But the sun always comes back out.
At night we watch the slow trails of fireworks that the lightning bugs leave behind while we savor the golden joy of nectarines and white coconut popsicles.  The field of fireflies gives us such a spectacularly electric light show at dusk, even when the moon is glazed over with fog.
There is sweet red wine and indian pale ales and sparkler wands at night and life is so vividly hazy that I can feel myself remembering these exact moments as they happen, as if I had already lived them a hundred years earlier.

we climb into bed
 and my perfect child puts her earth stained hand on my breast
and the three of us fall

I am wearing a Pure Linen Sling in Organic Maple, c/o Sakura Bloom


  1. This is so beautiful!! I can feel the joy and you explain your nights so vividly, I feel as though I remember them too. Angelica, you and Tigerlita are the loveliest. <3

  2. Beautiful, perfect. So vivid and full of joy. And I love the maple color! Must purchase next..<3

  3. angelica this is so amazing i can't even!!

  4. So pretty! I love the flower crown!

  5. You are both so beautiful! These photos are mesmerising.

  6. Your garden looks magnificent! I also love how every photo of the two of you, she's curled into your body. So beautiful.

  7. Everything you write is so unearthly beautiful, vivid, heartwarming and wrenching. You inspire me like I have not been inspired in quite awhile!