Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Got New Chickens

 I love this time of year at our house.
The sky is still grey but the earth is so green.
Today, we got five beautiful tetra tint pullets that look like baby doves.
They will start laying pretty cream colored eggs in a few months.

Here is Saturday night's sangria recipe:
2 bottles Red Mountain Laurel 
1 bag frozen strawberries
1/4 of a handle of strawberry vodka
1 bottle pomegranate juice

Mix together until the frozen strawberries chill the liquid.  Do many congratulatory high fives.  Dance around the room until your hair catches on fire.  Run around in the rain when it becomes dark.  Be sure to have a full glass in your hands at all times.


  1. You are such a happy soul. I'm in love with your life.

    1. Hey mama, how old are these chickens? We've tried chickens before but with very little luck. They were young and I think sick before they were sent to us. How do you go about getting yours?

    2. these little guys are two month old pullets. we use to raise them from when they were chicks but like you said, you lose so many when you do it like that, and waste time and resources. so now, we almost always buy them only when they are either fully grown or at least out of the chick stage and because of this we never lose any, plus, they are already laying or will begin laying much sooner! usually i just answer or put up ads on craigslist saying what type of chicken i am interested in :)

    3. Thank you so much mama! We already have a beautiful ivy covered coop, we just need to get the OK to invest in some chickens at our new place!

  2. I also have pet chickens and I love them to bits.

    1. aren't they the sweetest? and so much fun, too :)