Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We take long afternoon naps together.  You, by my side, in my own bed, with your own little white blanket.  You are lying beside me right now, finally stirring after a two hour slumber.  Watching you awaken is the sweetest thing.  You stretch and stretch until your little face turns red and your spine curls up while you scrunch up your nose--  i love you, i love you, i love you.

Even when i am so tired that my head is throbbing, even when i just want to sleep so badly, even when you are finally asleep after many hours of my persuasions-- even then, when you are resting peacefully in your pink bed, i feel sad that you are not in my arms;  almost a strange urgency to pick you up and bring you close to my chest.  I miss you even when you are right there next to me.  

Three weeks.
My precious angel--


  1. Such a sweet little angel, dear.

  2. what a beautiful baby.
    Oh angelica, i am just so happy for you.
    It feels like just yesterday that i made those wedding portraits for you - and now you've got a beautiful daughter. How gorgeous.