Monday, May 14, 2012

My cotton candy pink chicken coop is finally finished.
It is absolutely perfect. 
It looks beautiful outside in the sun and in the rain.  The chickens love it!  They even figured out the nesting boxes so quickly.  I felt proud of them :)

Things that are new with me, besides the coop:

I was in the psychiatric hospital for a few weeks.  I feel better now.
I got two finches!  Their names are Ondine and Kismine. 
I am 20 weeks pregnant, with a girl!
I feel terrible that I have not announced this on my blog until now.  
She is due October 2nd.
Her name is Rosalita ♥


  1. oh my, congratulation! Rosalita is a lovely name xxx

  2. Heavens, so much news! Congratulations a thousand times, I'm already super excited for Rosalita on your behalf.
    Also, that is a beautiful chicken coop. I'd imagine that it'd be difficult to dwell on dark things when surrounded by such charming feathers. xxx