Monday, January 2, 2012

Grey overpowering green, rose lattices being filled with thorns, swans somersaulting into sadness.
If I could create a holiday, it would be called "Grey Daze" and everyone would be celebrating the beauty of watching winter by windows.
"I cannot wait for Grey Daze this year," small children with red noses would whisper to their mums while they sit together next to candlelit stone hearths.
It will pass, though.
Right through white waxy fingertips.
Sadness taken over by sadness.


  1. This is beautiful. What day shall it be?

  2. March 13, 14, and 15-- ending with a quiet explosion of full hearts on the Ides of March (appropriately) (also my birthday)

    thank you x

  3. this is a mixture of beauty and sadness.. i cannot tell which one is stronger.
    lovely though.

    thank you for my comment! hehe. it is all so excited.
    hope you had a lovely christmas xxx

  4. i also need to tell you, how beautiful i think your blog is. so pretty and soft and wonderful. added to my reading list.