Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100th post!

Some girls are quite ordinary.
But some are

Some girls have magic running through their fingertips and electricity pulsing inside lightning bolt hearts. They hold entire multicolored universes and galaxies on the inside of their tiny pink hands, needing nothing (or no one) to be simply "interesting".
Everything about them screams
to all of the more common people.
These are the girls who will never pass into nothingness--
their stories will be remembered forever;
and written
and read
and loved
by all the other extraordinary girls who fly onto earth with their lightning-pulse hearts.

The ordinary girls don't like this one bit.


  1. You are one of those extraordinary girls. You are magic, lovely and I will never forget your blog and whimsical, beautiful photos. They make my heart sing, every time...

    xx Carina

  2. This is magnificent. I completely agree with Carina; YOU are lightning-hearted. I can feel the magic pulsing through every lovely word and every beautiful picture on your extraordinary blog. x

  3. you are like the softest velvet <3