Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things have been a little bit quieter, recently--
I've been wearing aprons and making whole wheat crusts and cutting up red strawberries. We have wine glasses and frosted beer mugs and other quintessential "adult" things, which is somewhat strange since I don't know that I really feel very much like an "adult".
My sister moved across the country yesterday, and I think I'm going to die without her. We had a Welcome Fall/Goodbye Christina party at my house on Friday night, and my youngest sister picked the most beautiful wildflower bouquet for one of the centerpieces. The hens were very tolerant of all the people touching them and picking them up, and the new kitten loves the attention. It was one of those lovely, candlelit nights filled with thick bittersweet air.

Isn't being just the hardest thing?


  1. Yeah, I'm 24 and I still feel like a teenager. I think I'll have to hit 35 to feel like a real adult.

    You always take the loveliest pictures. I hope you don't miss your sister too much. xxoo

  2. yes, yes, yes. this is the most beautiful and lovely way to describe something so difficult. your photographs make the world look soft and rose-tinted. x

  3. thea, you are precious; so, so precious, times a hundred thousand

  4. whenever i think of you being sad cause i'm not there, i have tears that i'm not there to be nice to you and/or comfort you. and be your friend. sad for me. at least the month will turn to 9 tom and I only have til 12 to see you! less than three months! happy. i always think of that when i'm sad cause youre not here to play with me. remember the wedding months and after when you were so lovely and nice to me when everyone else was mean? i think that you were the only one who actually helped me through the entire thing of the family turning on me. thanks friend! happy for the last few months when we spent lots and lots of time together!