Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have at least seven dreamcatchers above my bed now.

Sleeping underneath pastel feather shadows is the only way I can sleep, lately.

I add and remove them as needed.

For instance, if one night I dream that I am running through an unending, undying green meadow, filled with zinnias (growing only in shades belonging to the "berry" family), needing only to worry about finding a small spot on the grass where I can lie down forever and watch the clouds go by--
On this night I would remove at least three or four.

But, if one night I dream of things so black I could barely begin to name them in the daylight or night-light or any light at all, really;
those are the nights when I simply must add them all back.

So, you see,
is a very good number.

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  1. i miss you. and your lovely posts and photos. pls do lots more. i finally have a different location! > :( i'm listening to glowworm right now and thinking of your future children and it's making me happy :)