Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our lives--

that are made up of indian summer nights with pink and purple skies-- and iridescent wax paper, and when you kiss me in our dark new kitchen, (in the corner with the cabbage roses)-- the way you ponder the heavens and (even more fervently) the earth,
only to realize why
life is beautiful
in the first place--

I want you beautiful girls to write the poetry and passages that will be read at my wedding. I couldn't have it any other way. I need two short sonnets, and two longish poems. About love and tragedy, sadness and sorrow and beauty and things tinged in gold. Boa feathers dripping with happiness and strung with pearls. Would you? Could you?
You would be a part of my wedding. I will videotape it and you will be able to see how your beautiful words (written especially for me) impact my whole entire life.
If you'd like to, email it to me or just write it in the comments. I want you all to be there. In spirit and in words.
Your beautiful words.

Once all these wedding things are behind me, I will be a better blog friend, I promise! (i promise!)

to all of you-- I love you for ever and ever, until the sun makes his final golden-red parade behind the mountaintops--


  1. Oh, A. How I long to give you something, anything. But tragedy seems something unsuitable for your beauty - yet it is the only thing I seem to be able to offer these days. A piece, however, I wrote a while ago, perhaps a little more deserving of your dear time (though in hindsight still tinged with the prospect of tears and tragedy) - I thought of it instantly when reading this post:

    “You - who arrived like a storm
    and left with the wind
    You - rose lipped lover
    You - a summer’s ghost
    Always, you.”

    “I want to weave myself into your thoughts; like honey, sickly sweet,” she whispered love-drunk, one night, “sometimes I feel as though your love could consume me.”
    He laughed and smiled and pointed to the moon; the stars; gesturing to the universe surrounding them. It was as though everything was a delicate reminder of how fragile they had become; without one another, what could remain, but dust?


    Oh, and what a long comment this has been. I am going to write more often, and send you another if I can. But either way, dear A, I am so excited for you big day: what is the date? I just know you are going to be such a beautiful bride.

    Love, always, xxxxxxx

  2. my god you are magnificent. you deserve the greatest.. <3 <3 <3

  3. this is the most beautiful thing, truly, it is.