Saturday, January 8, 2011

My wedding is approaching.
(oh my)


  1. oh how exciting! your invitations are so beautiful!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting and probably rather nerve-wracking. A wonderful summer date. xxx

  3. i'm so happy for you angelica!



  4. i love the gold glitter!
    how exciting, congratulations :)

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment Angelica.
    I'll be getting in touch with you soon about the special portrait!

    best wishes.


  6. Congratulations~!!! Not to pry but my fiance and I are paying for our wedding on our long did it take you? <3

  7. WOW. Angelica, I am so deeply touched by you sharing some of your story with me. I was just telling my mom last night that I don't know anyone who has been in my shoes. Everyone in my family started out with money. My family is struggling and his parents are missionaries in a foreign country who are more poor than us! But my father is "literally" here but not "really" here. I never had a relationship with my dad. I've always been scared of him and it's awkward to talk to him or even hug him. I know, it'so sad but there is a lot about my dad that I really don't feel like dealing with. I didn't want to bash him on my post ( a lot of family and friends read ) but I will tell you this: He REFUSES to pay for anything. And my mom doesn't work but she's helping us research ideas and what not. She actually bought my engagement invitations.
    My poor mom. I know she feels bad for me that we have to pay for this all on our own and being so young, AND having to save/pay for a place to live and a wedding. I just figured out you can't save for one and then the other. Darn it! haha
    But yea, thank you so much again. I really hope I can come to you if I need help and or discussing budgeting. ?

    P.S Are you going to walk down the asile in any particular fashion? I figure my Grandpa has been the biggest and best father figure in my life but my dad would be so deeply hurt. ( not that I'd usually care, but being that mean is beyond me. ) you said...I can do what I want since I'M paying for it! Although getting huge revenge on my non existent dad...I'm thinking about being slightly modern and walking down the aisle myself. I figure, hey! No one gets hurt or confused and I get all the attention on me. haha

    P.P.S What state do you live in?

  8. congrats angelica! ♥ I hope all goes well for you!

  9. Oh, Angelica.
    You mean so much to me - truly, you are so beautiful and every message from you makes my heart blush in delight. You are magic: you inspire me, truly, you do - you have such a beautiful Heart, kind and loving.
    You deserve the world and more - it makes me dizzy with joy to see you (hear you) so happy: congratulations, dear dove, you are going to be such a beautiful bride!

    I am so excited for you, and failing miserable to articulate how so: I adore you, dear Angelica, and how happy I am for you, words cannot describe (simply cannot hold such immensity).

    Lots of love and glitter and kisses xxxxx

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  11. I've been reading through your blog just now, I am in love with your photos, your blog. And thats so exciting about your wedding! I wish you a happy wedding and loving days with your spouse for ever.


    xx Carina

  12. Hi Miss Angelica, I found you by tumblr. Now here i am, enchanted by your beautiful blog. So if you don't mind i'm gonna follow you :-)