Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello loves, I wanted to show you a little tiny preview of the dress mock-up. The skirt has almost 10 flowing yards of muslin and the bodice is muslin and old scraps of lace. For a rough draft, I think it turned out just so lovely-- and it feels like a dream when you wear it.

The finished product will be mostly cream-coloured silk chiffon and lace and bits of shiny satin, pearls and even some tiny seashells.
I am fully aware that this is completely 100% not a "modern" or "traditional" wedding dress by any means, but I absolutely cannot imagine getting married in anything else.


  1. Oh how exciting!
    So, this is just a draft of sorts and not the real one? I think it's absolutely beautiful, I love the floaty sleeves and the lace it makes it look so delicate and old fashioned. I prefer old fashioned style dresses, they have such unique charm to them.
    Oh you are talented. I ought to sew more, I think you have inspired me to do so.
    I'm sure the final dress will be even lovelier xxx

  2. its a really pretty dress, honestly! old fashioned dresses have so much more history and quaintness, and myster in them which makes them all the more beautiful.

  3. Oh, this dress is so beautiful, as are you! Ethereal, almost - the lace is such a lovely romantic touch!
    I am so excited to see the final product!
    love, Athena.

  4. Beautiful !
    Thank you for following me in tumblr. Your tumblr is very beautiful too !

    Congratulations !

    La Gotton.

  5. oh it's stunning, it reminds me of 70's era?

  6. oh my gosh it looks gorgeous so far ! can't wait to see the finished product .

  7. I adore the fact that you only where dresses. <3 Congratulations! xx

  8. oh my goodness! you are so very talented and congratulations again and again! you will make a beautiful bride ♥ we do have twin hair indeed!

  9. It looks so vintage and dreamy and wonderful. It's just perfect.

  10. Absolutely stunning. I love the design. Beautiful. xx

  11. I lovee your video!!! jaja..
    Good luck with your new project!! It looks gorgeous!
    kisses, from argentina..

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