Thursday, June 17, 2010

My loves, I am so excited to show you the engagement party invitation I made! I couldn't be more proud of them, especially since I've never done anything quite like it before. I do hope everyone thinks they are lovely when they receive them in the mail.

I've reached the last leg of my egg donation cycle, so this Sunday my sister and I will be flying off to California for the last time to finally get them taken out. And since I am the most pathetic person in the world, I am already scared of the flight. Which happens every time, without fail. At least I am not going by myself this time! I wonder what some fun things to do in California are?

I found this huge dandelion, but eventually it blew away. Also, some bees have made themselves a home inside of our window, and they are hustling and bustling about. I wish I could ask them for some honey.

I hope you are all well--- tell me everything, I am a very good listener, I promise.


  1. Oh the invitation looks absolutely wonderful! Ah your photos are vibrant and gorgeous as always!

  2. Amjelica, sweetpea, I have missed your posts dearly. The invitations are gorgeous, I am certain your guests will love them. That rainbow ice cream looks like the most delicous thing that ever was, and the dandelion is fabulous.
    minna <3

  3. the invitation is so lovely i want to give you an enormous hug and kiss

  4. congrats!!!!!
    and I thank you for understanding my last post. I don't want to be rich..I just would love to get the necessities without having to beg for money. It's quite you said.

  5. oh darling, those invitations are so so stunning! i love the letters hanging off the clothesline.
    please, please don't be afraid. i hope your sister will let you squeeze her hand.
    and if you are in california, you must go to the sea.
    ps. i cannot wait to see your engagement photos.

  6. So nice I found you!! you've got such a lovely blog :)

  7. i love the invitations and i'm sure everyone will be who receives one!

  8. your invitation looks lovely ! so creative and original :}

    OOO what part of california ?! i live there :D

    much love xoxo

  9. beautiful pictures...your blog is always so inspiring ;)
    yum ice cream!


  10. I admire your creations...
    I'm going to California too, the next month! Then you tell us what things we should't miss!
    Don't be afraid of flying.. I'm Flight Attendant in my country, and this is really the safest means in transport!
    Everything will be ok! Enjoy the journey!!! :)

  11. Awwwww your engagement invitataions are soo beautiful :) and that ice cream looks loverly :) your pictures are all stunning as usual :) hope your well and dont be scared everything will be fine :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. oh how i do adore this invite you created. it is so very you.