Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want to thank all you dear hearts for the birthday wishes and magic you sent my way yesterday; I can't tell you how happy they made me.

Birthday cards have always been my favorite. You can keep them forever, tucked away in your diary so that you can remember the nicest moments when you were very happy (indeed!), even in a million years, when perhaps you might be very sad, and you might need something to remind yourself of a time when you were quite loved.
Also, I suppose birthdays are nice because you are entitled to wish upon your deepest and most secret wishes, and maybe have some hope in your little heart that they might actually come true. And, it's easier to believe this when you are dressed in your most special-est birthday dress with tiny pink roses on it

Oh, and today I am very very happy because I have purchased my first print from the amazing Caitlin Shearer, and I absolutely can't wait to purchase more. I want to cover my whole house in them, Richie Tenenbaum style.


  1. happy birthday!!!!! and these pictures are too cute!!!!

  2. darling! happy birthday. mine is on tuesday next week. sigh.

    and what you said brought tears to My eyes, and i'm not that sort of person. it's so scary sometimes with the web, you get people who are so easily awful to you, thankfully i haven't had any trouble. i only have people like you to cherish for your kindness. it's when you're kind to strangers is when you know it's true. thank you thank you, for being a friend. means so much.

    hearts, x

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your blog is adorable. And the Richie Tenenbaum reference is classic. Love that movie!

  4. happy birthday love!! adorable pictures ^_^


  5. Happy happy BELATED birthday! I love your pictures - those chocolates make my heart throb a little.

  6. dear angelica,

    i am so very glad to have met you, i am so very glad to have been introduced to your majestic soul. i do hope you had a beautiful birthday, i hope you had a wonderful day.


  7. Cute blog! love the dear diary aspect of it! cute!