Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From The Nutcracker.

Something I like to do when I am all alone is sit quietly. I am quite good at it.
And, you can discover whole new universes when you sit quietly.
I like to draw them up in my mind-- mine has stars made of tiny silver cross stitches and moons that have weathered old man faces that seem to sparkle with a quiet sort of melancholy. Perhaps the planets are strung together with bits of twine and colored ribbons, and you can taste them! I think they might taste a bit like peppermint and lavender.
Imagine, being able to taste an entire universe.


  1. oh angelica, i wish we would! (and yes, i'm sure of it, there is another place out there that is not anything like here).

    and again, your photos leave me breathless. don't ever stop.


  2. that would be awesome. but how do you do a give a way??

  3. You probably won't believe this but I've never seen the nutcracker! I always tell my friends I want to go an see it but I never do; I guess I'll just have to write it down on my bucket list.

    Sarah :D
    P.S check out my giveaway.

  4. i love the has been a while since my last visit