Sunday, February 7, 2010

Embroidered and sewn for Abuelita, as a sort of thank-you note.

I was scared it wouldn't stop snowing, and that we might become frozen in time forever; only our souls would whisper our stories.
But everything is coming together again-- Ben will be traveling home today (to rescue his own girl), and next week is St. Valentine's. And Valentine's means kind-looking red roses and chocolate truffles with toffee bits on the tops and pink cards and champagne that sparkles in the light and (of course!) dancing hearts.
He wishes for me to have the world; he said he wants to give it to me.


  1. Oh this is lovely! Such a nice attention, i'm sure she loved it!
    I sometimes think my heart will freeze and explode into stardust... and that's how souls become shooting stars.


  2. Oh, that's so pretty! Each stitch is a little bit of love - I'm sure she'll treasure it dearly.

    <3 from

  3. this is so very sweet, angelica. i can't wait for valentine's day myself! i hope you're given a wonderful day xx

  4. oh my gosh what a lovely gift !
    i wish i could do that ..

  5. Awww! What a lovely thank you note, so enchanting ;)

  6. this is so pretty. & your boy sounds like a keeper. i hope the two of you have a wonderful valentine's day. xx

  7. That is such a pretty little thing you made! I especially love the little heart at the bottom.

    It sounds like your valentines day is going to be lovely! :)

  8. 'He wishes for me to have the world; he said he wants to give it to me'. has to be the cutest thing i've ever heard :) and hope you have a good valentines day and i love the really cute thing you embroided :):) xxxxxx