Sunday, January 24, 2010

My dearest girl Cara sent me this card earlier this week. I almost wept a little when I read it. She seems to understand my heart with its wishes and dreams on a level that very little others do. Sort of like a lost sister. Or maybe a best friend in another lifetime. Ten thousand years ago. Or whenever unicorns were still around to take us flying over the moon while we sat on their backs and pet them softly behind their ears.

Ben's been working quite hard with everything, and I've almost not seen him at all this past week. And then this weekend he's going to go run a half-marathon in Hilton Head which is really very sad because then I really really really won't see him. But I'm not as sad as I usually am, because I've been learning from certain little birdies that a very special piece of jewelry will be finding it's way to me in the very very soon future (shhhhh!), so I just couldn't possibly be sad about anything during this time in my life, could I?

I hope you all have a lovely day ♥


  1. Oh my, what a beautiful, beautiful card. I know the feeling you mentioned dear, about Cara. So rarely can it be found. Don't be sad, you'll spend precious moments with him, again, in the glimpse of an eye. ♥

  2. oh, this card is too pretty. i love receiving mail. and i just love the font of your 'dear diary' & 'love, angelica' by the way. is it your own handwriting? xx

  3. What a beautiful card. I think all girls are fairies and princesses at heart.

    <3 from

  4. Awwww such a cute card and aww its sad when you miss people but its even better when you get to see themn again and spend precious moments with them! and ooo little birdies ey :P
    what is the font you use for your blog btw cuz im absolutely in love with it??

    lovess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx