Saturday, January 16, 2010

A beautiful treasure from Christmas: these shiny pink Kimchi & Blue patent t-strap flats.

i must say that they are a bit stiff to wear, but they are so darling that i just don't think i really mind too much.

tonight we've been at my dear abuelita's house celebrating birthdays with the most amazing spreads of meats and fruits and salads and everything that is savory and delicious in this world. not to mention cakes with creamy homemade frostings and caramel flans and key lime pies with chocolate shavings on the tops. and so much lovely company.

i live for these kinds of nights.


  1. I almost bought those and now I regret not doing it!

    lovelove, M.

  2. key lime pie with chocolate shavings sounds wonderful:).

  3. mmm. sounds delicious. & your shoes are adorable. xx

  4. I almost bought those shoes too, but every pair I've got from UO fall apart within a month :(
    thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad you left it so I could find your blog as well.
    You have the cuuuutest dresses in your etsy shop! I'd looovvve to order one if I ever have enough money (:

  5. your blog is so so cute! those shoes are gorgeous


  6. i want those shoes !
    i just adore your blog ; it's so full of loveliness .

  7. i have those in black and like them so much!!